5 Nov 18
Photos of ITA 009, SM-79 are posted. Now available in in stock.
Expected availabilty, end of November. GBR 28, Mosquito FB Mk VI.
SpartaCon, Lansing, Michigan.  Jan 12. Lansing Center, Lansing, Mi
CincyCon, Cincinnati, March 1-2-3, 2019
Battlefields, Livonia (Detroit), Michigan   March 9, 2019


Reprints / upgrades / revisions of a few items
MI 100 - Pool balls, dice, playing card images - junque / stuff to decorate tanks, planes and generally turn the open space on some minis into something purdy to look at. Covers 1/300 - 1/144 planes, armor from 10-25mm. 
MI 105 - Polish insignia. Revised, updated and includes both the formal insignia + images of the Polish Falcon in white, red and red on white. Suitable for 1/300 - 1/144 aircraft as well as armor 10-25mm.

Upcoming conventions. Dave will not be covering any of the shows until at least 1st of November. Chris will attend and cover the shows. Dave may attend Fall-In. Without explanation, life interfering with gaming.
If you need us to bring specific items, please let us know. We generally bring 'the store' for Fall-In. We do not bring painted armor for sale to the other shows unless requested.
Advance the Colors, Springfield, Ohio. Oct 5,6,7. We are there for Friday and Saturday only, no presence on Sunday.
Rock Con et al. Rockford, Ill, Oct 19/20/21. We're there all 3 days.
Pro or Con, Livonia, Michigan. Oct 27. A nice one day show at an Elks' Hall in Livonia. 
Fall-In, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Nov 9/10/11. Last year for Fall-In being at the Host.

And in January without known / scheduled date, Spartacon. Lansing Center, Michigan Ave, Lansing, Michigan.
Good one day show to start the year.

Planes in the works. SM 79, B-26, Mosquito FB Mk VIII

We've discontinued the 1/600 range of miniatures. Historical Board Gaming in Tulsa, Oklahoma purchased the remaining (modest) inventory.. Low volume of sales and lack of being able to restock the line are the factors in this decision. For those folks who did purchase products, thank you.


Historicon July 12-15, Lancaster, PA. 
We're at booth 108 on the mezzanine.

12 March 18

Cold Wars preparations (show is March 16-18, Lancaster, PA).
We have 2 new CY6 compatible scenario books for the show and in stock right now..
Battles Above 3 written by Brian DeWitt. Covers WW2 Pacific actions from Dec 1941 to July 1945.  70+ scenarios. Stock number BLD 106

Desparate Measures deals with the Japanese missions from Oct 1944-My 1945. 48 scenarios, well referenced and with a good amount of maps. SGG 01. Authors are Steve Reid, Gary Archer and George Paler.

While the new books have an overlap of covered time, there are no duplicate scenarios between them.

6 Feb 18
Re release of JAP 18, Ki-21 Sally and a new release, JAP 29, Ki-48 Lily.

6 Dec 17
Quiet but productive times. Working on a number of new planes, decals and a Pacific air combat scenario book. 
New product, IN-301. Pack of 10 palm trees (5cm, 2 inch). $4 per pack.

11 Sept 17
16 years ago. Never forget. Never trivialize

5 July 17.
New airplane from Raiden Miniatures
ITA 007, Fiat CR 42. 3 pc model of this famous biplane fighter. $3.50
Two new scenario books compatible with Check Your 6! will debut at Historicon, July 13-16. They are:
Battles Above 1 - Europe, a compendium of scenarios from early to late war. 70 scenarios, $35 retail. Stock # BLD 103.
Battles Above 2 - Malta, Crete and some North Africa scenarios. 32 scenarios, $25 retail. Stock number BLD 104

1 June 2017
New release in 1/285 scale. JAP-25, Ki-27 Nate. $3.00. To me, one of the prettier planes ever made.

4 new planes. All on hand and waiting for your loving caress.
TW-100 - Me-323 in 1 pc resin. Light, no assembly, nice model.  $24 each or 3 for $60.

In metal.
GBR-27 Bristol Beaufighter - $5.00
USA-133 Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star - $3.00
FRA-107 Mirage F-1 - $3.00

26 March17 
Battle set 7 is available. It includes all the planes and decals needed for the scenario book 'Crusaders Over 'Nam'.  It is code BAS 007.

22March 17

Decals - Reprints / back in stock
BR-101, LB-102 - revised and upgraded.
US-118 and US 119 have been revised, upgraded and reprinted as 1 sheet - US-118. US 119 has been discontinued.

17March 17.
We have picked up the line of hex game mats from Monday Knight Productions. Initally, we'll stock 1-1/2" and 2" in green and blue

In stock, a CY6 compatible scenario book, 'Crusaders Over 'Nam'. Smaller in scope with only 11 scenarios, it retails for $18.

We expect the following planes to be available as of 21 April
GBR 27, Bristol Beaufighter; JAP 25, Ki-27 Nate; USA 133, F-80 Shooting Star; FRA-107, MIrage F-1; Cr-42.
While the F-80 flew in WW2, it didn't fire its' guns in anger until Korea, so it'll be in the post WW2 section

28 Dec 16
A belated Blessed and Merry Christmas to One and All. Wishing you a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.
New Goodies, available and in stock
RUS 11 - I-153. Finally. $3.50
GBR 23 - Bristol Blenheim IV - $5.00

Up Next, January 2017
USA 133, F-80 Shooting Star and FRA-107, Mirage F-1.

31 Oct 16.
As usual, we'll be at Fall In. Please let me know if you need something specific brought, we'll put your name on it.
Brian DeWitt's WWI scenarios and revisions (CY6 compatible) are ready and will be at Fall-In. I'll get artwork and descriptions posted Tuesday evening. Colorful Skies 1 and Colorful Skies 2 (CS 1 goes to April 1918, CS 2 emphasizes the time April 1918 to the end of the war.). Each book is $25.

New stuff, 1/285 aircraft.. They'll make their debut at Advance the Colors, Springfield, Ohio, this weekend.
GER 033 - Do-17Z  $6.00
GER 030 - Me-262A $3.00
JAP 024 - Ki-84 Frank $3.00
FRA 004 - Br-693  $3.50
GBR 030 - Defiant $3.00
GBR 033 - Blenheim IVF $5.00 

I'll keep it short. 1/285 Goblintooth / Hostile Aircraft. Minis and rules in stock, Decals have to be evaluated to see if they are fit for use.
Much more to follow. MSD miniatures, which we offer, has resurrected the line.

7 July 2016
We will be at Historicon, Fredericksburg, VA, 14-17 July. We didn't finish our paperwork in time to be in the program.
As a note, Marty Fenelon / MSD games will not be selling products. We'll be carrying his line of aircraft minis.

New stuff.
USA-121. F-14 Tomcat in 1/285, $6 ; restock of GER-24, FW-154, $3. USA-42, B-17G Flying Fortress, $11.00

Since Historicon 2015
BR-127 - British flags. Union Jack, St. George's and St. Andrews crosses
GR-121 - German names, black, target is 15mm armor. Emphasis on historical names, famous leaders and Norse mythology. They should work well for 1/200-1/300 bomber / larger aircraft.
GR-122  -Same as GR-121 but in white.  GR-121 is shown in the description photo for clarity. White doesn't scan well
FR-103 - French flag decals

CAN 101, CF-100 . New master.
RUS 106, Su-17 (swept wing configuration)
GER 009 / 010. Has been combined into one stock number - GER 009 - Hs-129 will contain 1 each 30mm gun pack and 75 mm gun. GER 010 will be dropped as a stock number.

24 Dec 15
End of the year updates, comments, etc.
As with a lot of folks with mini companies, this is the 2nd job. My 'real job' responsibilities have kept me swamped the past couple of months, not leaving much time to devote to new products, much less keeping the website updated.

There are a number of updates on the MSD line of 1/285 planes. I'd expect to get photos up shortly. Some of the new releases are PB4Y Privateer, YB-40 Fortress Gunship, Fokker G-1, Lockheed PV-2 Ventura, Ki-30 Ann, deHaviiland Venom, CR-32 and CR-42.

A Merry and Blessed Christmas to One and All.

New planes. GBR-29, Hawker Typhoon
USA 132, Douglas A-1 Skyraider
USA 23, B-25B Mitchell