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Messerschmidt BF109G-6
Messerschmidt BF109G-6

Messerschmidt BF109G-6

1/285th Scale White Metal WWII German - Messerschmidt Bf-109G-6


Please note all miniatures are sold unpainted.

MPN: GER 015

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Reviewer: Rolando Silva from United States   5 Stars
In this mini, at last the tail shape problem was corrected! A beautiful plane overall :) The typical Raiden thick, sturdy wargaming model design does not detract from the sleek Messerschmitt lines. Very nice detail all around. The wheel well bumps in the top of the wings are particularly noticeable. On this Me 109, they added a tail wheel bump, and at last wheel well lines, although the circular part disappears in all the examples I have. You'll have to draw or paint those lines with care. This plane was designed to be a late 109 G-6, with the Erla Haube canopy, a.k.a. Galland hood, and the taller fin. One small defect is that the cockpit's lines are shallow, and when painted over they are filled in. But this defect has a blessing inside, for you can turn this late G-6 into an early G-6 by sanding a little the canopy with a 600-1,000 gauge sandpaper (A LITTLE!) and filing or sanding the fin and rudder into the early shape (get a diagram or profile book for this), the just paint the "birdcage" canopy on. Raiden also includes the wing MG 151/20 gun gondolas so you can glue them on to get a G-6/R6 version, which is a nice touch. They are of a much harder metal than the easily bendable GHQ guns. One thing that I don't like is that that the exhaust rack and the air scoop under the engine appear kinda like "molten into the engine". They are raised, curvy features with no crisp lines of angles. I corrected this by scoring the exhaust line into 6 parts with a utility knife and painting the gooey angles in with darker washes. Also bad, the right side of the rear fuselage has the lines slanted instead of straight down. If not sanded and painted right, this will cause an alignment problem when the big fat cross decal goes on. Apart from these things, I think the merits outweigh the vices by far. Very recommended!

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